About The Leipzig Door

In a music ministry career that has spanned over 40 years in the service of nine congregations in the South and Midwest, and in clinics and workshops across the nation, William Baker has been a tireless advocate for uncompromising excellence in liturgy and music. Following the footsteps of his mentor, legendary American conductor Robert Shaw, Dr. Baker has authored weekly missives to each of his choral ensembles. Sometimes tender and personal, sometimes edgy and humorous, sometimes pointedly controversial, the weekly letters have inspired and challenged the members of his excellent choirs.

Martin Luther challenged the Church five centuries ago when he nailed his famous thesis on the door of the Castle Church at Wittenberg. Dr. William Baker, through The Leipzig Door blog, seeks to inspire and encourage worship leaders, while boldly calling the Church out for commercialism, corruption and hypocrisy when necessary. The essays you will find in The Leipzig Door will sometimes inform, sometimes annoy, sometimes enlighten and, we hope, always engender deeper reflection on the issues that confront leaders who love the Church and who seek to love her and serve her more effectively.